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BIZ Jun 10' 2022 (KARNATAKA)

We established our business as a printing and packaging service provider last year. Have relevant sales and marketing background. We have a 1000 square foot storage facility, a sales and support team

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BIZ Jun 10' 2022 (WEST BENGAL)

For the past four years, I've worked in salesforce. With the skills I've managed to gain, now actively seeking opportunities to establish my own endeavour. I do have storage facility, a two-person sal

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BIZ Jun 06' 2022 (GUJARAT)

I've worked in the corporate sector for the past 13 years, and I spent the previous three years running my own dairy product distribution company. I have 1000 square feet of storage space, a team of t

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BIZ Jun 04' 2022 (BIHAR)

We've been in the pharmaceutical industry for over 50 years, and we've worked with a number of reputable companies. Now I'm on the lookout for new growth opportunities. We have a storage facility of a

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BIZ Jun 01' 2022 (WEST BENGAL)

I've been in business and working as a super stockist for stationery and office brands for the past 20 years. I've worked for a number of well-known firms, including Luxor and Parker. I have a storage

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BIZ May 28' 2022 (TAMIL NADU)

I've been in the corporate sector for the past 5 years and have a lot of sales expertise. I have founded my own distribution company, which specialises in stationery. I do have storage facility, a two

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We have been in the pharmaceutical supply wholesale and distribution business for over two decades and have served about 34 companies. We have a 400-square-feet retail location, a 1000-square-feet war

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BIZ May 12' 2022 (KERALA)

I've been working abroad for the past three years and have acquired abilities such as administrative work, sales, and marketing; I've recently started my own venture. To work with, I have a 2000 squar

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BIZ May 11' 2022 (TELANGANA)

We've been working on our own distribution endeavour for the past two months. We have 1000 square feet of storage space, a staff of three employees, and access to transportation. The rest will be arra

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BIZ May 03' 2022 (KERALA)

I am a cosmetics and stationery distributor headquartered in Trivandrum; I previously worked for a reputable company for 5 years as a sales professional. I have 800 square feet of storage space, two e

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