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I've worked in trading and sales for the past eight years and want to start my own business supplying infant care goods, cosmetics, and perfume for both men and women. In Indore, I possess a 1500-squa

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BIZ Sep 16' 2021 (GUJARAT)

I work as a cosmetics and personal care product distributor with over ten years of expertise. We obtain large quantities of goods from well-known firms like as Himalaya, ITC, P&G, Faces Canada, HUL, a

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BIZ Sep 14' 2021 (KERALA)

Leepic Brands Distribution LLP is a one of the leading fragrance & perfumes importers based in Kerala. Among other fragrances, it imports the famous "My Perfumes" brand - along with imported deodorant

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BIZ Sep 08' 2021 (MAHARASHTRA)

We have been a retailer of FMCG products in Mumbai. We have a team of 3 staff. Have a godown space. We are ready to invest Rs. 10 lacs to Rs. 20 lacs based on the business opportunity. At present, we

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BIZ Aug 02' 2021 (WEST BENGAL)

I have worked in the service sector of consumer electronics for 9 years. I have recently started my own business of distribution. Currently, I am working individually, however, I am ready to hire staf

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BIZ Jul 31' 2021 (GUJARAT)

We are a marketing agency cum distributor for FMCG and cosmetic products in Gujarat. Have a team of 2 staff & serving more than 50 retailers at the moment. We also have a godown of 500 sqr feet. We ar

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BIZ Jul 23' 2021 (UTTAR PRADESH)

We have been a distributor of cosmetic and personal care products in Lucknow, U.P for the last 3 months. Have a team of 3 staff and serving 20 to 25 retailers at the moment. Have a godown space of 100

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BIZ Jul 17' 2021 (DELHI)

We have been working for the last 3 years as a distributor of FMCG and household products in Delhi. With the help of 3 sales staff, we are currently serving around 300 retailers. We have our a godown

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BIZ Jul 17' 2021 (TAMIL NADU)

We have 20+ years of company experience in shipping, logistics, construction and aviation. Recently, we have started working as a super stockist of FMCG and packed food. We have 6 sales staff, 10,000

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BIZ Jul 09' 2021 (RAJASTHAN)

I am the of Amazon easy store (a complete online order booking portal). We are currently operating with 2 staff. I have 3 floors (every 250 square feet) in the main shopping complex. I am ready to inv

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