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BIZ Nov 24' 2022 (KERALA)

We are inviting Distributors/Importers/Traders and agents who are interested to take up the distribution of INDOGREEN brand of food products in your local area. Distributionship is offered in india,

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BIZ Nov 17' 2022 (TELANGANA)

I've been working in pharmaceutical production for the past four years. Have extensive experience in the food industry. I recently established my own distribution venture and work with FMCG products.

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BIZ Aug 16' 2022 (KARNATAKA)

We have been in business and operating as a C&F agent for FMCG products for the past two years. Now looking for potential growth opportunities. We do have great infrastructure which includes, a storag

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BIZ Aug 09' 2022 (GUJARAT)

We have been involved in distribution and dealing with FMCG products like tea for the past three years. Jivraj 9 Tea is one of the reputable businesses with which we have worked. Currently looking for

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BIZ Aug 01' 2022 (UTTAR PRADESH)

We have been involved in supply chain operations and working with FMCG items, including water, for the past ten years. We just enlarged our business and are now super stockist. Now looking for more bu

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BIZ Jul 24' 2022 (MAHARASHTRA)

I have been involved in sales and marketing for the past 15 years. Have extensive trading experience. Recently entered the distribution and dealing with daily necessities. Currently looking for potent

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BIZ Jul 15' 2022 (RAJASTHAN)

I have been working in distribution for the past six years, serving as a C&F agent and super stockist for FMCG products. Additionally, have extensive sales background of 8 years. I've worked for many

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BIZ Apr 29' 2022 (ASSAM)

I'm situated in Assam and have worked in the FMCG industry for the past 5 years, as well as having substantial sales experience. I have various warehouses, a qualified two-person crew, and transportat

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BIZ Mar 08' 2022 (TAMIL NADU)

Jusnativ instasip is an anytime-anywhere drink made with all-natural ingredients. Spices play very important role in digestive function, and the Indian tradition has a long history of use of spice in

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BIZ Mar 04' 2022 (KARNATAKA)

I am a super stockist of FMCG items situated in Karnataka. In addition, I spent thirteen years in sales and marketing for PepsiCo and Godrej Customer Care. I have 1,000 square feet of storage space, a

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