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BIZ Nov 15' 2022 (TAMIL NADU)

We have been involved in the distribution and dealing with telecommunications products for over a decade. In addition to Vodafone, we have worked with numerous other reputable businesses. We have more

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BIZ Nov 12' 2022 (JAMMU & KASHMIR)

We have been in business and running our own logistics company for the past five years. Have extensive retail experience. We just recently established our own C&F agency and are working with lubricant

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BIZ Oct 29' 2022 (HARYANA)

I've worked in sales and dealing with industrial goods for the past 20 years. Have accumulated extensive knowledge of B2B sales. I just recently began my own distribution endeavour and work with indus

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BIZ Aug 04' 2022 (TAMIL NADU)

I do have extensive expertise in the machine tool and accessory industry dating back 30 years. As I have developed significant knowledge in the aforementioned field, I eventually started my own distri

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BIZ Jul 01' 2022 (PUNJAB)

We have been manufacturing and dealing with plumbing materials for the past five years. Currently engaged in industrial supply distribution. We have a storage facility that is approximately 1000 squar

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BIZ Jun 23' 2022 (TAMIL NADU)

We have been manufacturing CNC machines and tools for the past 12 years, and we also have extensive sales background. Currently looking for more possibilities to diversify. We have 300 square feet of

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BIZ Jun 10' 2022 (MAHARASHTRA)

I've worked in industrial sales and marketing for the past five years, and I also have substantial trading experience. I'm now looking for ways to put my experience as a C&F agent to effective use. I

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BIZ Mar 26' 2022 (MAHARASHTRA)

I've been running my own manpower supply and logistics company for the past ten years and now aim to expand. I have a team of 20 skilled professionals and transportation privileges to operate with. Th

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BIZ Jan 19' 2022 (MAHARASHTRA)

We are one of the largest and highest rated e-commerce distributors for renowned brands like 3M, Bergmann, Formula 1, Kobo etc. For almost 4 years we have been the authorized distributor of different

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BIZ Jan 02' 2022 (PUNJAB)

I've been a readymade clothing trader and sourcing agency for two years. We have a fully furnished office, a highly efficient workforce of ten people, and access to transportation. The rest will be ta

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