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BIZ Nov 26' 2022 (JAMMU & KASHMIR)

I have been running my own business and working with pesticides for the past three years. Have three years of significant sales background. Now actively searching for further growth opportunities. I h

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I've been in business for 30 years, working as a C&F agent for credible agro commodities. Now actively looking for potential growth opportunities. I have excellent resources in place, including a 6000

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BIZ Oct 13' 2022 (KARNATAKA)

I've worked for an organization for the past ten years. I have a strong aptitude for business, and I am currently looking for opportunities to launch my own distribution venture. I can interact with a

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BIZ Oct 10' 2022 (MAHARASHTRA)

I have been trading for more than 5 years, and recently launched my own distribution endeavour, dealing with agricultural commodities. I have excellent infrastructure, including a 2000 square foot sto

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I have been working for a renowned corporate organisation for the past 12 years. I'm extremely interested in distribution and eventually launched my own firm, working with FMCG products. I do have a s

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BIZ Aug 25' 2022 (MAHARASHTRA)

I've spent last eight years in distribution and worked with seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. However, I am currently searching for new ways to broaden. I have a storage facility of over 2000 square

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BIZ Jul 17' 2022 (RAJASTHAN)

We have been working as a C&F agent for agricultural supplies for the last ten years. Now looking for potential business possibilities to grow our venture. We have a spacious 10,000 square foot storag

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We've been in the distribution network and dealing with agro chemicals for the past four years. We are now looking for ways to expand our endeavour. We have a storage building of roughly 500 square fe

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BIZ Jun 08' 2022 (RAJASTHAN)

We've been in business for the last ten years, dealing with bio pesticides, fertilizers, and agro chemicals, and now we're seeking new opportunities. We have numerous warehouses, a crew of five people

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BIZ Jun 03' 2022 (UTTAR PRADESH)

We have been in business as a pharmaceutical retailer and wholesaler for the past 20 years. We expanded last year and now serve as a C&F agent. We have 1000-square-feet storage facility, a four-person

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