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BIZ Sep 06' 2022 (TAMIL NADU)

I've been working in distribution and dealing with electrical supplies for the past 12 years. Now actively looking for potential growth opportunities. I do have excellent infrastructure, including a s

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BIZ Aug 16' 2022 (MAHARASHTRA)

We have been engaged in distribution and dealing with electronics for the past nine years. Right now, we're looking for ways to grow our venture. We have a 300 square foot warehouse with an equipped t

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BIZ Apr 12' 2022 (GUJARAT)

We've been working as a reseller and dealing with industrial supplies for the past two years, and we have substantial engineering and sales experience. We have a 10,000 square foot storage area, a 5-p

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BIZ Jan 28' 2022 (JAMMU & KASHMIR)

We've been dealing with mobile accessories, computer, speakers, and consumer electronics for the past three years. We now aim to expand our business by becoming distributors. We do have some storage s

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BIZ Jan 19' 2022 (BIHAR)

We've been business for the previous five years and have lately developed our own venture. We have storage space, a staff of three skilled personnel, and access to transportation. More than 250 people

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BIZ Jan 08' 2022 (BIHAR)

I've been in distribution for the past 12 years, dealing with plywood, pharmaceuticals, and electrical supplies. I have a 900-square-foot warehouse, a 5-person workforce, and transportation privileges

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BIZ Jan 03' 2022 (KERALA)

We've been distributing electrical products and accessories for the past 5 years. We've worked with a number of well-known companies. Finolex Cables Ltd is our most significant business partner. To ru

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