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BIZ Aug 31' 2022 (TELANGANA)

I've been working in sales and dealing with computers for the last two decades. I have accumulated considerable expertise and wish to launch my own distribution endeavour. Now looking for ways to grow

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BIZ Jun 13' 2022 (DELHI)

We've been running an e-commerce firm and dealing with computer peripherals for the past three years. Now looking for ways to expand into the wholesale business. We have storage facility of over 1000

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BIZ May 27' 2022 (RAJASTHAN)

I've been working as a distributor and wholesaler for childcare essentials and electronics for the past two years. Now I'm on the lookout for new growth opportunities. I do have storage facility as we

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BIZ May 07' 2022 (WEST BENGAL)

I've been in retailing and dealing with computer peripherals and other consumables for the past 12 years. Now I wish to expand my venture. To work with, I have 300 square feet of storage space, a crew

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BIZ Feb 19' 2022 (UTTAR PRADESH)

We are a specialised marketing firm with a wholesale distribution venture situated in Uttar Pradesh with 20 years of experience in the field. We have 1000 square feet of storage space, a crew of ten p

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BIZ Dec 30' 2021 (MAHARASHTRA)

We currently operate as an e-commerce platform, selling computer peripherals, systems, and other accessories. We are currently looking to diversify our portfolio by distributing. We have godown room,

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