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BIZ Nov 26' 2022 (ODISHA)

Being a certified chartered accountant, I have a thorough understanding of finance. I'm currently managing my own C&F agency and working with liquor. I have excellent resources, such as a productive 5

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BIZ Nov 17' 2022 (WEST BENGAL)

I've been involved in several businesses over the past 20 years, including the wholesale distribution of medications and operating my own C&F agency. Now actively looking for potential growth opportun

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BIZ Nov 06' 2022 (TAMIL NADU)

I have been engaged in distribution and dealing with FMCG products for the past three years. Have significant knowledge of both wholesale and retail operations. Now actively looking for further growth

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BIZ Nov 02' 2022 (DELHI)

We have extensive expertise in working as a C&F agency and super stockist for FMCG products and have been in the distribution business over the past 15 years. Now actively searching for further possib

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BIZ Oct 31' 2022 (RAJASTHAN)

I've been trading for the past five years and have a strong background in finance. I just recently launched my own C&F agency and am working with FMCG products. I have a 1000 square foot warehouse fac

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I've been working in retail for the past two years and have a wide range of expertise in retail sales. Currently looking for opportunities to launch my own distribution endeavour. I have excellent inf

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BIZ Oct 21' 2022 (ODISHA)

I've worked in sales for the last 18 years and have accumulated substantial business experience. I launched my own distribution endeavour and working with beverages since last year. Now searching for

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BIZ Oct 14' 2022 (TAMIL NADU)

I have been involved in distribution and working with FMCG products since last year. Currently looking for potential business opportunities to grow our venture. I have excellent resources, including a

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BIZ Oct 12' 2022 (BIHAR)

I have been in business and operating with waters for over a year. I've acquired a depth of sales expertise, and recently launched my own distribution business. Now actively looking for potential grow

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BIZ Oct 08' 2022 (GUJARAT)

I've been working with FMCG products in the distribution industry since last year. Now actively looking for potential growth opportunities. I do have good resources, including a storage facility with

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