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BIZ Feb 20' 2019 (UTTARAKHAND)

We are a startup looking for a great opportunity. We are looking to work as a Distributor of Bakery, Confectionery, Beverages etc. We have available 2000 sq.ft. godown and investment will be as per th

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BIZ Feb 12' 2019 (GUJARAT)

We have a range of FMCG products available in our brand as well as available in private labeling. Our product range includes Peanut Butter, Jams, Canned Fruits, Olive Oil, Pasta, Baked Beans, Basmati

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BIZ Feb 06' 2019 (TAMIL NADU)

We are based in Tamil Nadu and looking to Distribute Food Products like Biscuits, Oil, Packed Food and Snacks, Milk and their by products, etc. We have storage space and investment will be as per the

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BIZ Jan 15' 2019 (MAHARASHTRA)

I am from Pune and looking to get Distributorship of Packed Food Products. I can invest up to 2 lakhs and godown can be arranged as per the requirement. Kindly get in touch if you are interested in wo

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BIZ Jan 04' 2019 (TELANGANA)

We are working as a distributor of food products for the last 2 years and want to expand our business. Currently, we need Distributorship of Food Products. We have 500 square yard space and ready to i

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BIZ Jan 02' 2019 (MAHARASHTRA)

We are supply chain and logistics company having our presence in pan India. We need C and F Agency of Food and Beverages. We have 20 warehouse all our India and more than 230 vehicles. we do primary a

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BIZ Dec 19' 2018 (PUNJAB)

We have started our agency 5 months ago and working as a wholesaler, super stockist. We want to add more products like Food and Beverage, Packed Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetable, Milk Shakes etc. We h

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BIZ Dec 18' 2018 (ODISHA)

Hello, currently, we are dealing in snacks items and making an annual turnover over of 30-50 lakhs. We are looking to get engaged with more company and add products so we would like to take Distributo

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BIZ Dec 14' 2018 (KARNATAKA)

Hello, our company is based in Bangalore and we are working as a C and F Agent of Ice cream for the last 2.5 years. In order to add more products in our business line, we are ready to take C and F Age

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BIZ Dec 10' 2018 (KARNATAKA)

We have previous experience in distribution line. Now we are looking to start a Distribution Agency of FMCG Food Products. We have 250 sq.ft. godown and ready to invest upto 3 lakhs. Please contact us

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