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Bizdate_rangeApr 08' 2019 /  (TAMIL NADU)

We need Agents, Distributors, and PCDs for selling Moringa Tea and Moringa Capsules across India. Moringa plant is beginning to gain more popularity as a new “superfood” for its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective...
Available-Superstockist of Cosmetics, Perfumes etc in West Bengal

Bizdate_rangeApr 02' 2019 /  (WEST BENGAL)

We are marketing in cosmetic products like bindi, nail paints etc in West Bengal for the last 37 years. We are looking to add more products to our portfolio like Perfumes, Cosmetics etc. We have 200 sq.ft., staffs etc...
Available-Distributor of Consumer Goods and Beauty Products in Thrissur, Kerala

Bizdate_rangeMar 19' 2019 /  (KERALA)

I am from Kerala and looking to work as a Distributor. I am open to getting engaged with companies dealing in Consumer Goods and Beauty Products. I am ready to invest 2-5 lakhs and infrastructure can be arranged as...
Available-Distributor/Superstockist of Food Products and Cosmetics in Haveli, Maharashtra

Bizdate_rangeMar 18' 2019 /  (MAHARASHTRA)

We have 15 years of experience in the transport line and now we are looking to work as a Distributor/Superstockist. We want to work with companies dealing in Food Products and Cosmetics. We have labour, godown, vehicle and investment...
Wanted-Distributors for Cosmetics/Bath & Body/Skin Care Products

Bizdate_rangeMar 15' 2019 /  (HARYANA)

Mirah Belle Naturals manufactures Certified Organic Beauty, Bath & Body, Skin & Hair Care products at affordable prices. We have Super Stockists & Distributors in 12 major states in India. Now we are looking to add more distributors who have a network of...
Wanted-Distributors for Cosmetics/Bath & Body/Skin Care Products

Bizdate_rangeMar 04' 2019 /  (HARYANA)

We are looking for Distributors - PAN India for Large scale distribution of Organic Beauty Products.
Available-Distributor of Imitation Jewellery and Cosmetics in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bizdate_rangeMar 04' 2019 /  (MAHARASHTRA)

We are working as a Distributor of Lubricating Oil for the last 4 months. We are interested in taking Distributorship of Imitation Jewellery and Cosmetics. We have 360 sq.ft. godown and staffs. Initially, we can invest 1-2 lakhs,...
Wanted-Distributors/Stockist of Herbal and Ayurvedic Products in Rajasthan

Bizdate_rangeFeb 25' 2019 /  (RAJASTHAN)

We are a trading company and working as a superstockists of reputed companies for herbal & Ayurvedic products. We are looking to appoint Distributors/Stockists for Herbal and Ayurvedic Products in Rajasthan. We would prefer experienced distributors who can do an...
Wanted-Distributors for 100% Organic Beauty Products in Pan India

Bizdate_rangeFeb 11' 2019 /  (KERALA)

We manufacture the products in vedic traditional ways. It heals wounds, acne and allergy on skin. We are looking for well established distributors all over the states of India as well as few districts in Kerala as we have covered...
Available-Distributor of Surgical and Medical Products in Hyderabad, Telangana

Bizdate_rangeJan 21' 2019 /  (TELANGANA)

We are CFA for surgical Items for the last year. We are looking to diversify our business and work as a Distributor of Surgical and Medical Products. We have godown, staffs, vehicles and investment capacity of above 50 lakhs for...