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Wanted-Super Distributors for the World's largest LED Manufacturing Company

Bizdate_rangeJan 17' 2019 /  (HARYANA)

TCL VERY LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY (HUIZHOU) CO. LTD, the world largest LED Lighting manufacturers invite interested parties to join as super distributors of our world class lighting solutions
Wanted-Distributor/Superstockist of Personal Care Products like Toiletries in Pan India

Bizdate_rangeJan 10' 2019 /  (HARYANA)

Our company is a byproduct of an endeavour to formulate exotic personal care products derived from our rich heritage of timeless ayurvedic formulations. We are seeking the interested super stockists, distributors and channel partners to assemble the rightful supply chain...

Bizdate_rangeJan 07' 2019 /  (HARYANA)

TCL VERY LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY (HUIZHOU) CO. LTD., worlds largest manufacturer of LED Lighting products, We invite you to work with us as a Distributors for the globally accepted high quality LED Lighting products, confirming to all the leading global quality...
Wanted-Distributor Imported Fuel Additive in Pan India

Bizdate_rangeDec 27' 2018 /  (HARYANA)

We are importer of USA based fuel additive for Petrol and diesel, and turmeric juice. We are looking dealers and distributors for our patented Fuel Additive for diesel and petrol. If you can invest 2 to 5 lakhs and have...
Available-C and F Agent of Food, Pharma, Electrical, Garments etc in Haryana

Bizdate_rangeDec 11' 2018 /  (HARYANA)

We have been handling C&F Agency for the state of Haryana for leading Agrochemical companies since more than 25 years.We have owned warehouses & tie ups with transporters to provide efficient services. Interested parties looking to appoint C&F...
Available-C and F Agent of Pharmaceutical Products and FMCG in Gurgaon, Haryana

Bizdate_rangeDec 06' 2018 /  (HARYANA)

Operating since 1993 having excellent experience in pharmaceutical sector making 5-10 crores as turnover. Currently running four retail stores on chain model in Gurgaon. We are very much interested in taking C and F Agency of Pharmaceutical Products and...
Wanted-Distributors/Supersstockist for Intimate Wash, Hand Sanitizers, Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray, Mosquito Repellent, etc in Pan India

Bizdate_rangeDec 05' 2018 /  (HARYANA)

Ours is a world's highest selling personal hygiene products. We are present in over 2500 stores across India and also incl. products like, Mosquito repellent, Panty Liners, Intimate Wash, hand Sanitizers. In Order to expand our business we...
Wanted-Distributors for Roasted Corn, Chocolate Wafers Hazelnuts etc in Pan India

Bizdate_rangeNov 21' 2018 /  (HARYANA)

We are importers of Pistachios in shell, Roasted Corn, Chocolate Wafers Hazelnuts etc. At the moment we are offering Distributorship for these products. Please let us know if you are interested in working as a distributor of our products.
Wanted-Distributors for Cosmetics/Bath & Body/Skin Care Products

Bizdate_rangeNov 15' 2018 /  (HARYANA)

Mirah Belle Naturals is into Manufacturing Affordable Organic Beauty Products. We have 150 SKUs, Licensed & Certified. Looking for Super Stockists & Distributors PAN India
Available-Distributor of Engineering, Industrial Products, Automobile Spare Parts etc in Bhondsi, Haryana

Bizdate_rangeNov 12' 2018 /  (HARYANA)

We are specialized in heavy fabrication and machining having 30 years sales experience in industrial, construction equipment & service sector. At the moment we are interested in working as a Distributor of Engineering, Industrial Products, Automobile Spare Parts etc.We have...