Delhi 1st Jan, 1970
  • personGA*** DH*****
  • businessSE**
  • phone 98********
Pune 1st Jan, 1970
We provide sales sales services to companies looking for sales of Industrial products in India. We rich industrial experience. and can help you out with your buying or selling requirements in India.
  • personVi**** Ra****
  • businessMv* St******
  • phone 91****
Niphad 1st Jan, 1970
Tanishkraj Jewellers Ganesh nagar Niphad
  • personNe**** Sa**** Ka****
  • businessTa********* Jw******
Kalyan 1st Jan, 1970
We are Agents of Fabrics and Accessories in Guangzhou Fabrics center. We work at commission basis and help clients to buy, samplings, check goods and arrange containers for their destinations.
  • personLa*** **
  • businessDs* Tr*****
  • phone 91***********
Kolkata 1st Jan, 1970
I have been working as a retailer of food and snacks from the past 10 years.Now, I would like to get Distributorship of any good brand in Food Products having good market demand in Kolkata. Investment will depend on the company reputation. I have infrastructural facilities to provide for the business. I am looking to get some positive reply from your side..
  • personMr* An*** Ba******
  • businessM/* Du*****
  • phone 88********
Mumbai 1st Jan, 1970
We are dealing as a manufacturing firm for office furniture from the past 15-20 years. We are also into trading business as well as working as a c and f agent for flooring carpets.Our company's annual turnover lies in between 10-15 crore.Now, I am willing to have some more opportunities as a C and F Agent of FMCG, Pharma, Fruits, Vegetables and Agricultural Products as I have sufficient storage and warehouse space of 5000 sq. ft. along with 20 employees for sales support. Kindly get in touch with us so that we can proceed with further business..
  • personMr* Ab*** Ke***
  • businessAd**** En*********
  • phone 93********
Bahadurgarh 1st Jan, 1970
I have been working as a wholesaler of food products, stationery and cosmetics with 12 years experience.My company is making an annual turnover of Rs.50-60 lakhs.Now, I am ready to work as a C and F Agent of Food Products as I have an infrastructural facility of 1500 sq. ft. godown area and more can easily be provided as per need. Please contact us for further details..
  • personMr* Sa*** La**
  • businessGi** Sh**** In*********** Pv** Lt**
  • phone 96********
Bangalore 1st Jan, 1970
Wellnet is into creating a strong distribution network in India.
  • personSu****
  • businessWe***** Se****** Pv* Lt*
Sangli 1st Jan, 1970
EP Traders Manufacturers and traders in Raisin,Puffed Rice,Turmeric,Jaggery
  • personSh***** Su**** Kh**
  • business** Tr*****
851129 1st Jan, 1970
  • personan*** de*
  • business**
  • phone 06*********


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