South Parganas 25th May, 2017
We have been working as a distributor of biscuits and snacks for the last 6 months, making a monthly turnover of 2 lakhs. We are interested in taking Distributorship of Food Products. We own 2 godown space of 300 and 500 sq.ft., 4 sales person. Initially, we are ready to invest 5-10 lakhs. Please contact us for business..
  • personMr* Su****** Mo****
  • businessRa***** En********
  • phone 98********
Chennai 25th May, 2017
We have a retail shop of a stationery product. We have 1 year of experience in this line and our annual turnover is around 12 lakhs. We are looking to diversify our business, so we need Distributorship of FMCG Products. We own a shop, 2 staffs and we can invest up to 5 lakhs for your products. Kindly reach us for good business..
  • personMr* Ar** Ku*** *
  • business** St******** * Se******
  • phone 87********
Chennai 25th May, 2017
We have a family business of edible oils, having a vast experience in this line, also own another venture with an annual turnover of 20 crores approximately. In order to diversify our business, we are interested in being a Super Stockist/Distributor of Rolling Paper, Edibles Oils. We have 40 staffs, large godown area etc and we are open to investing any amount depending on the brand/product. So if you are interested please stay connected..
  • personMr* Sh** Ra*
  • businessFi*** Qu******
  • phone 98********
Indore 25th May, 2017
Currently, our Company is working as a Berger Paints distributor and CP Fitting Distributor. Our company's annual turnover is 70-80 lakhs approximately and we have 5 years of business experience. We are looking forward to taking our business to the next level, So we need C and F Agency of Paints, CP Fittings, Lubricants, and Automobile Spare Parts. We have 2 offices of 400 sq.ft. each and godown area of 800 sq.ft., 6-7 staffs.We can invest up to 15-20 lakhs for our business. Interested companies please contact us asap..
  • personMr* An**** Gu***
  • businessAn******** En*********
  • phone 99********
chennai 25th May, 2017
Sir, We are agents for ISO 9001 valve manufacturing company. To have expansion , we are look out for further relative equipment in process lines.
  • personsu********
  • businessVe**********
Ambernath 25th May, 2017
Hello! We are the distributors of snacks from the last 3 years with an annual turnover of 10-12 lacs. In order to increase the profits, we want to take the distributorship of Spices and FMCG. We own a godown of 1100 sq.ft. area and the investment will depend on the requirement of the business. Kindly reach us for business..
  • personMr* Me*** Sh**
  • businessSh*** Ka*** En*********
  • phone 80********
Thirmulgherry 25th May, 2017
Hi there! We want to open our new company in distributorship field as we also held its parent company from the last 20 years. In order to go smooth, we want to work in our forte i.e. Pharmaceuticals so we want to take distributorship of Pharmaceutical Chemicals. We have an office of 200 sq.ft. area and the investment will be as per the needs of the business. Please do contact us for business..
  • personMr* C.**********
  • businessPr******* Ph****
  • phone 99********
Patna 24th May, 2017
We are working as the super stockist of medicines with an experience of 12-13 years and our annual turnover is around 25-30 lakhs. We are launching a new company and interested in being a C and F Agent/Distributor Pharmaceuticals. We have drug license, office, sales force, and more can be arranged as per the requirement. We can invest up to 9 lakhs. Please contact us for business..
  • personMr* Ga**** Si***
  • businessSr* Sa* En********
  • phone 97********
Muradabad 24th May, 2017
Hello! we are working as a distributor, c & f agent and super stockist from the last last 14 years. Presently, we are dealing in detergents and chemicals with an annual turnover of 1 crore.In order to increase our profits, we want to become Super Stockist/C & F Agent of Tobacco and Consumer Goods.We have our own office, a couple of warehouses around 8000 sq.ft. area, 12 members of the sales team and also we have our own transportation. We will be investing as per the requirements. Kindly reach us for business..
  • personMr* Ne**** Ch*******
  • business* * Tr*****
  • phone 99********
Mumbai 24th May, 2017
I have the past experience in paper related business. At moment I want to start a new Distribution Agency of Herbal and Consumer Products. I own a godown area of 670 sq.ft. and other resources can be arranged as per the requirement. My initial investment will be of 50,000 to 1lakhs. Please contact us..
  • personMs* Va***** Sh****
  • businessVv** En********
  • phone 93********


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