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Available-Superstockist of Food and Beverages in Gmc, Assam

date_rangeJul 17' 2019 /  (ASSAM)

We are C&F, a super-stockist having 20 years of experience in business line. At the moment we are looking to work as Superstockist of Food and Beverages. We have 2000 sq.ft. godown, manpower and other resources. We...
Available-Distributor of Consumer Goods in Chennai, Tamil Nadu

date_rangeJul 17' 2019 /  (TAMIL NADU)

We are one of the reputed distributors for FMCG products for the last 31 years. Now we are planning to expand our business by adding more products. In infrastructure, we have 1200 sq.ft. godown, 6 staffs and investment can...
Available-Distributor of Consumer Goods in Annant Nag, Jammu & Kashmir

date_rangeJul 12' 2019 /  (JAMMU & KASHMIR)

We are running a Garments and FMCG and other consumer goods agency for the past many years. We have 16 x 20 sq.ft. godown, staff and market network We are open to adding more FMCG Products. We are ready...
Available-C and F Agent of Household Products in Bangalore, Karnataka

date_rangeJul 11' 2019 /  (KARNATAKA)

We are into Distribution and C & F for FMCG & Non-FMCG Products for Karnataka, for more than 25 years. We need to take C and F Agency of more products related to FMCG and Non FMCG. We have all the...
Available-Superstockist of A4 Size Paper in Jaipur, Rajasthan

date_rangeJul 10' 2019 /  ()

Ours is a new start up looking actively for good opportunities. We want to work as a Superstockist of A4 Size Paper. We own 2100 sq.ft. godown with staff members and ready to pur an investment of 5 lakhs....
Available-Distributor of Electrical and FMCG Products in Bangalore, Karnataka

date_rangeJul 09' 2019 /  (KARNATAKA)

We are based in south Bangalore and looking to work as a Distributor of Electrical and FMCG Products. We can invest 15-20 lakhs along with godown, staffs etc. The concerned manufacturer please stay in touch for detailed discussion.
Available-Distributor of Consumer Good in Noida, Uttar Pradesh

date_rangeJul 09' 2019 /  (UTTAR PRADESH)

Our is a family business dealing in mobile and accessories having 10 years of experience. We would like to diversify our business and work as Distributor of Consumer Goods. We have 40,000 sq.ft. godown and manpower. Investment is...
Available-Distributor of FMCG Products in Kannur, Kerala

date_rangeJul 05' 2019 /  (KERALA)

We are a newly established company with and experienced professional in the FMCG field. We are looking to work with FMCG manufacturers as a Distributor. We have full sales team and other resources like godown can be arranged as per...
Available-Distributor of FMCG Products in Bobbili, Andhra Pradesh

date_rangeJul 05' 2019 /  (ANDHRA PRADESH)

We are Andhra Pradesh based company dealing in FMCG products for the last 15 years and making an annual turnover of 2-5 crores. We are looking to expand in the same field by adding new FMCG Products. We have...
Available-Distributor of FMCG Products in Dimapur, Nagaland

date_rangeJul 04' 2019 /  (NAGALAND)

We are dealing in building and construction materials and looking to diversify our business. We would like to work as a Distributor of FMCG Products. We have godown, vehicles and 2 staffs. Our investment will be 5-10 lakhs depending...