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Bizdate_rangeNov 30' 2017 /  (TAMIL NADU)

Reputed company with excellent products seeks superstockist in tamilnadu state and kerala state.The superstockist margin 15% distributor 15% retailer 30%.Huge range of products.No stock pressure subsidy of 5% for marketing persons.Credit facility available.No security deposit,...
Wanted-200 high profits fmcg products looking for superstockist tamilnadu and kerala

Bizdate_rangeNov 29' 2017 /  (TAMIL NADU)

200 high profits fmcg products now looking for superstockist in kerala and tamilnadu state call
Available-Distributors Of Hardware, Plumbing Material and Chemicals

Bizdate_rangeNov 29' 2017 /  (KERALA)

I am a distributors of water proofing material from last 1 months. Currently, i am looking to expand my business, so i want Distributorship Of Hardware, Plumbing Material and Chemicals. As a part of infrastructure i have an area of...
Wanted-Distributors for USA based Medicines Company

Bizdate_rangeNov 29' 2017 /  ()

We are USA based manufacturer of Medicines. We not only dedicated to medicine that works but medicine that harnesses cutting-edge science to work effectively and efficiently. Please make a visit to our website. We are looking to appoint Distributors...
Available-C and F Agent of Food, Detergent, and Grocery Products in Maharashtra

Bizdate_rangeNov 29' 2017 /  (MAHARASHTRA)

We are based in Pune and interested in working as a C and F Agent(prefer) of Food, Detergent, and Grocery Products in whole Maharashtra. We are all set to start our business with our team and we have around...
Available-Distributor of Consumer Goods/FMCG Products in Cuttack, Odisha

Bizdate_rangeNov 29' 2017 /  (ODISHA)

We are looking to start a Distribution Agency for Consumer Goods/FMCG Products. We own 450 sq.ft. godown/shop space. Initially, we can invest up to 10 lakhs or as per the requirement of the company. Please contact us...
Available-C&F Agent/Distributor of FMCG Food Product, Electronics and Healthcare Products in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Bizdate_rangeNov 29' 2017 /  (GUJARAT)

We are wholesalers and stockists of Medicines for the past 15 years and C&F agent for the past 3 years. At Present we want to serve any company by working as a C&F Agent/Distributor of FMCG Food...
Available-Distributor of Stationery Products in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Bizdate_rangeNov 28' 2017 /  (TAMIL NADU)

We are venturing into distributorship of Stationery Products. Our investment is around 1-2 lakhs, we have infrastructure arranged already and staff will be arranged according to the requirement. Interested manufacturers/suppliers may contact us for long-term business.
Available-Distributor of All Kind of FMCG Products in Delhi

Bizdate_rangeNov 28' 2017 /  (DELHI)

We do have the wide experience of distribution of 25 years and worked in Hindustan Unilever & Hindustan Coca-Cola covered entire North Region and especially Delhi/NCR. Currently, we are associated with Patanjali, Unicharm India, Sampurn Organic, Mega Wrap (Aluminium...
Available-Distributor of Machinery, Solar, and Industrial Products in Delhi

Bizdate_rangeNov 28' 2017 /  (DELHI)

We are dealers of Welding and industrial safety products for the last 20 years. Our annual turnover is around 50 lakhs to 1 crore, currently, we want to expand it further and work as Distributor of Machinery, Solar, and Industrial...