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Available-Distributors Of FMCG Food Products like Spices, Rice Etc

Bizdate_rangeDec 01' 2017 /  (TAMIL NADU)

We are distributors and retailer from past 2 years of Milk and dairy products. At present we are looking to expand our business, so we want Distributorships Of FMCG Food Products like Spices, Rice etc. we have 250 sq.ft...

Bizdate_rangeDec 01' 2017 /  (TAMIL NADU)

Frist time in india BBQ casurina wood charcoal and coconut shell charcoal briquttes in consumer package of 2kgs launching soon with high profits looking for super stockist/distributors all over india.Just start with Rs 25000 as sales increase you...

Bizdate_rangeDec 01' 2017 /  (TAMIL NADU)

Tamilnadu manufacturing company launching national .varities of innovative food products Looking for chennai superstockist.company supports with TV advertisements,inshop promotions,sales representative for marketing.Excellent margins offered.company will appoint Distributors and promote the retailing.The ss will deal
Available-Distributors Of Men's Garments

Bizdate_rangeNov 30' 2017 /  (KERALA)

I am professionally working as a Medical representatives. Presently i am looking to start my own business, so i want Distributorship Of Men's garments like t-shirts pants etc. I have godown area more than 1000 sq.ft...
Wanted-Super_Stockist Of FMCG Food Product

Bizdate_rangeNov 30' 2017 /  (TELANGANA)

We are into Retail Business of FMCG Non food product from past 20 years. At Present we are looking to expand our business, so we want to become Super_Stockist Of FMCG Food Product Like snacks, Beverages etc. As a part...
Available-Distributor of Organic Food in Gurgaon, Haryana

Bizdate_rangeNov 30' 2017 /  (HARYANA)

We are starting a business for which we need to take Distributor of Organic Food. We can arrange shop or godown as per the requirement of the company and our initial investment will be of 1 lakh. Kindly contact us...
Available-Distributor of Agricultural Equipment, Tractor Parts and Automobile Spare Parts in Barnala, Punjab

Bizdate_rangeNov 30' 2017 /  (PUNJAB)

Hello, we are located in Punjab willing to starts a Distribution Agency of Agricultural Equipment, Tractor, and Automobile Spare Parts. We have around 7000 sq.ft. shop and our initial investment will be of 5 lakhs. Any interested company can...
Available-Distributor of Baby Diaper and Medical Disposables in Vasai, Maharashtra

Bizdate_rangeNov 30' 2017 /  (MAHARASHTRA)

We have completed one year of pharmacy business and looking forward to expanding the same. Currently, we are looking to take Distributorship of Baby Diaper and Medical Disposables. We own 300 sq.ft. office, 1000 sq.ft. godown and 6...
Available-Distributor of Agarbatti, and FMCG Products in Delhi

Bizdate_rangeNov 30' 2017 /  (DELHI)

We are looking to start a business and take Distributorship of Agarbatti, and FMCG Products. We can arrange shop and godown as per the requirement and initially we can invest up to 1 lakhs. If you are interested in doing...
Available-Distributor of Tobacco Products in Jalore, Rajasthan

Bizdate_rangeNov 30' 2017 /  (RAJASTHAN)

We are in business for the last 10 years making an annual turnover of 3.6 crores. In order to expand our business, we need Distributorship of Tobacco Products. We own 1000 sq.ft. shop/godown along with staffs and...